Increase Profits: GoldMine.

Sell Pre-Paid Maintenance and keep all of the money in your store with GoldMine.

Selling prepaid maintenance makes sense. Prepaid maintenance buyers are more loyal – they paid to do business with you – and they are much less likely to defect to the competition. But most prepaid maintenance plans charge expensive admin fees, or ship your money off shore and make you wait to get paid for prepaid services when they are redeemed - that's why we developed GoldMine.

GoldMine is a customizable in-dealership prepaid maintenance program that you can sell in Service or F&I – or include on new/used cars to add value and fight the competition. You choose the price, term, services you want to include and the reserve amount for the plans you want to sell - and you keep all of the profit and reserve money in your store where it belongs –that's how it should to be! And when your prepaid plans expire, the excess reserve money becomes pure net profit.

Goldmine increases profits, fights competition, improves owner loyalty and keeps customers from ever going anywhere else.