Increase Retention: LoyaltyLock

Keep Customers Forever with our LoyaltyLock Rewards Card System.

Almost every business today has a rewards program because they know loyal rewards club members spend more, visit more and defect less. That’s why we developed LoyaltyLock.

LoyaltyLock is a simple and affordable dealer branded rewards club that increases customer retention, service traffic, customer pay service business and can even be used to add value to help you sell more cars. Customers simply present their rewards card at service checkout to earn a percentage of the amount they spend as a reward that they can use as a discount on their next service. Think about it – they have to come back, they have money on their card and its only good at your store.

LoyaltyLock includes basic handout rewards cards that service advisors and vehicle sales people can use to make everyone a member of your club. These basic cards make your dealership different, increase owner loyalty and can even be used to entice service customers to buy new cars. Your customized cards can even be pre-loaded with instant value to add extra incentive to return to your store.

But our program goes beyond basic handout rewards cards, it also includes Deluxe Membership Packs that can be sold in service for a profit, given to car buyers at time of purchase, or personalized and mailed as a thank you gift that increases first time service visits. 

All transactions are completed online at our secure website. Our system automatically calculates the reward and instantly sends an email receipt. Each month we send members an email rewards statement to remind them about the balance they have on their card and there's even a dealer branded consumer website they can access online or from any mobile device. This makes it easy to capture hundreds of email addresses. 

LoyaltyLock also includes return on investment reports that are available online in real-time that provide a snapshot of your store's program performance.